Saturday, 7 February 2015

Revive start of the Masato 2015 Tshirt collection


The American indians prophesised that the birth of a white buffalo would
be a sign that the world would be purified and harmony, balance and
spiritually would be restored. My painting called 'Bufello Friends' was
painted in 1995 and sold immediately. 

Original print

To celebrate 20 years since this was produced I have launched a new version of this painting called
'Revive 95' as a limited edition screen print onto organic t-shirts which
has been printed on Masato, London's clothing label. This collaboration is
exciting as now people can own a limited edition art print and wear it at
the same time! 

The printed t-shirt is available from or my own page
 where you can get a framed limited edition art print too for the walls of your home if you want a matching pair!...Some people
have remarked how it looks like 'space invaders' which is wonderful
feedback and harks back to an age of computer games and consoles. Has the
world moved forward in 20 years into a spiritual realm, I think it has.

During 2015 our label will be producing a strong collection of my own designs to collaborations with artists such as Chris Dear. I first came across Chris's work at DEBUT Contemporary art gallery in Notting Hill the Tshirt is printed on organic cotton Tshirt certified as Fair Trade and donation to the Soil Association as an organic product. 

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