Monday, 18 November 2013


                                                      FACES BY MASATO 

Faces comes from a drawing Masato drew in 2007 whilst he was looking at warehouse of windows from a classroom, he took the picture and imagined each window had a face and had a life.

The Tshirt represents some of the faces from that drawing which hangs in the studio of Masato in Paddington, London.

For this Tshirt we decided to print on Ecru Tshirt and use a salmon pink print very different to what we have done before and a big risk for a small label to be so adventorous and arty so early in our journey.

Our gallery features customers of the Tshirt first is Ricky Clark -Monks an artist from Brighton and a designer in his own right, Ricky as been supporting us from the beginning and we cannot thank him enough.

Tshirt was reviewed by Andie B on his 365 blog Andie wears a Tshirt every day for 365 days.

The design on this T-shirt is titled 'Faces' and is one of several abstractly illustrated garments available from London-based Masato.
Six bright pink, block-drawn characters span the full height and width of the canvas, one of which has the Masato brand name scrawled within. The graffiti-resembling motifs and bold colours make for a hugely striking tee, which is likely to catch the attention of tonight's revellers with the same intrigue as the commuters on my train this morning.
That and my equally abstract mutant suitcase and wellies combo. 

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He also reviewed other Masato Tshirts such as V Guitar at time of writing sold out except 3 large and the classic Dr M.

His 365 Tshirt campaign all Tshirts will be sold for charity.

Thanks to Oliver for this photo shoot of Faces for kids available in our shop

Sizes are 5/6 years 7/8 years and 9/10 years.

In organic cotton this Tshirt could be worn and either passed down or kept as a collectors item only 20 of each size as been printed until we become more well known for childrens designer Tshirts.

Saturday, 29 June 2013




Choose a Tshirt take a pic and upload to us on email 

Rebecca Jones artiste and amazing singer wearing the Masato Vee Guitar Tshirt. 

Masato Jones in his own Tshirt. 

Ash Sutcliffe @liveliketheboy on Twitter 

From Liverpool David Sung how he displays his guitar Tshirt 

David Barron photographer with his V Guitar

Sideways glance Hogie from Twitter 

DebSassy rocking our new Guitar Tshirt 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sunday, 17 March 2013



Actress Nina Kristofersson in her Hattie Tshirt 

GERMANY : Designer Chang Dreizen in a Hattie Tshirt.
History : Hattie came from animated design of Masato based on the look of the model Jessica Lambert you see very often modelling Masato clothes. 
The Tshirt was released on February 28th and available via our online shop 

NEW ZEALAND : blogger Prada Junky in Masato 
Another blogger the elusive Lil Miss Fashion with the exclusive Hattie 
The original print of Hattie 


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Masato in Germany Fashion Days

Pictures from our show at Fashion Days courtesy of GHPhotography thanks Gregor. 

February 28 - March 3 2013 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Dr M Ltd edition by Masato

From Nuremberg Germany our show at Fashion Days
Masato Jones as done it again and produced a limited edition design that as gripped Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest by storm, released on February 22nd this as been our most succesful Tshirt to date. As with our Bunni Tshirt we are going to post the pictures of you wearing them. 

Michael Barley who bought online and tweeted his picture thank you
March 16th 2013

First to tweet himself in the new Dr M is @Anasok70 thank you 25th February 2013