Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2011 Masato in review

How can you equal or better a year that started with little prospect.


Masato Jones was working for the Giles Team for the Spring Summer collection he had just finished a huge project for Marie Claire magazine and English National Ballet under the direction and design idea's of Kinder Aggugini. photo credit is Marie Claire

Completes the show with Giles and rest of the Giles Deacon team. Kate Halfpenny approaches Masato to assist her on bespoke wedding dresses until end of February approached by Adam and Simon Ryan of Essex Fashion Week to take part in and launch Masato label.

MARCH 2011 

Essex Fashion Week launches the Masato label at the show are the directors of Ghost who watch the Masato debut who continue to look out for the designer. 

Also from this show Liz Bishop founder and director of Brighton Fashion Week want Masato to launch a new collection.  

picture Essex Fashion Week copyright of Ann Charlotte photography.

Every piece from this collection except two have been sold.

JUNE 2011 

Masato's strongest collection to date based on the art of Norman Rockwell and the 1940s and1950s with the Masato twists.

This dress took over 60 hours to create with intricate design that a specialist machinist had to piece together. The fabric is painted heavilly lined inside as yet no one as been able to persuade Masato to sell this beautiful piece it sits in the Masato studio covered shining in glory.

This collection is picked up by British Designers in Bath as a boutique that wants to show and sell this collection. At the same time we are approached by Scarecrow boutique in Crouch End, North London.

Photography credit Kris Mitchell.

JULY 2011 

We stock the Essex Fashion Week collection in Scarecrow boutique and pieces from Masato's 2009 student collection a boutique that is known for admirers of Masato to go to including collector and soul singer Beverley Knight.

Masato also approached by Ghost to trial design for the company. Later that month Masato is made a permanent fixture of Ghost.


Masato takes a break from Ghost and works with Giles and the rest of the team for the strongest of his 9 seasons he has worked on.

Little did he know then it would be his final season with Giles Deacon, it became so due to the offer of creating an amazing couture headline show at the forthcoming Manchester Fashion Week.

In October Ghost name Masato Jones as their head designer, he receives press attention.

Photo credit is Conde Nast International


Masato creates the iconic red dress for Beverley Knight's Soul UK tour.

Photo courtesy of Jumpin Sounds and shown on Beverley Knight's Facebook.


Masato asked to design the female business shirts of Hawes and Curtis part of the same group that owns Ghost.


Masato Jones is asked to re-design the women's shirts for the business shirt retailer Hawes and Curtis which is owned by the same group as Ghost.