Saturday, 14 May 2011

Masato at Essex the lost pictures

March 24th to March 26th Masato was invited to take part in Essex Fashion Week and also meeting with the cast of "The Only way is Essex".

Mixing with Lauren Goodger, organisers Adam & Simon Ryan the twins that continue to give support Masato to this day with mentions of his work on Twitter, Facebook and their travels.  
Backstage two of our beautiful models Becky Maslen all the way from Halifax, West Yorkshire and the other model please get in touch so we can name you. 

Below an extra picture of Siobhan who will be at Brighton Fashion Week for us our biggest fashion show so far on Friday 3rd June 2011. 

Masato and Siobhan with Masato trying to stand on tip toes to look taller than Siobhan. 

The beautiful petal dress can be made to order for a bridesmaid or an outfit for the evening on the side are petal scales, crafted by Masato.  

Simon and Adam Ryan founders of Essex Fashion Week they run their own label OOOY menswear label and asked us to come along to their Fashion Week to launch our label Masato. 

Masato with singer Mica Paris guest at the show and admirer of his clothes she requested to meet him, Nanny Pat from "The Only Way is Essex" on the next table. 

Masato & Mica in an embrace. "My One Temptation" 

All these photographs were taken by Leena