Sunday, 30 September 2012

Psycho Bunni Tshirt on tour

Carol owner of  a "Psycho Bunni" Tshirt told me in August when she bought the Limited Edition Tshirt she was going to take the Tshirt on tour these are the results. Carol bought the Tshirt from the Salvation Army who sell new designer items taking 40% to the work of the Salvation Army. 199-201 Wandsworth High Street, Wandsworth, London, SW18

Psycho Bunny with his suitcase ready for his trip. 

He took me off my sunbed if you not going to wear me or put me back 

Taking a drink at the bar
this is my bed in the Venice hotel 
View from hotel 
Do you like my Chanel glasses C'est chic fantastique ? 
Can't swim better not 

Sightseeing in St Mark's Square, will they allow me in. 

"It's good hiding behind flags" 
thinking about eating this may have to transfer to  a bigger size 

Getting ready for a game of golf 

Going into villa in Croatia need two hands from the locals 

Climbing a tree in Croatia hope I don't get dirty. 

My waiter assisting me with a coffee in Croatia 

Love M&Ms need to get under this jacket 

Our Carol holding me up in Venice outside the Hotel Guerrine

Many thanks to Carol for the fun idea and the snaps of Psycho Bunny on tour the Tshirt is limited edition in yellow and purple when purchased from Salvation Army, 199-201 Wandsworth High Street, £10 of the £25 sale goes to the charity. 

You can order by phone 02088711812 ask for Carol or Richard. 

Alternatively we accept Paypal email