Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hayley Pearce on Masato


Tokyo-born Masato runs his self-titled label with his partner Mike. With Masato having previously worked at GILES by Giles Deacon, they founded the Masato label in 2011 out of a desire for total artistic freedom and control.
We're really excited about his Brighton Fashion Week show. The current collection, he says, his his proudest achievement to date, along with the dinosaur bag he created while working for Giles Deacon.

Masato definitely doesn't hold back when it comes to ambitious dreams and pure energy: "I love the unpredictability of working in fashion. The fact that one day you are assisting Giles Deacon, and the next you are making a private order for a customer, making costumes and creations for a theatrical production or designing concepts for future collections. I also love networking and meeting other designers and supporting them."
"My initial dream was for my clothes to be worn and to be popular. We have a following of 44,500 on Twitter at the time of writing. So now my dream is for my clothes to be more accessible in boutiques for ladies to feel, touch and try. My partner Mike is trying to achieve this."
The inspiration for his work comes from "people, places, situations and nature. Artwork from artists like Norman Rockwell and the way nature falls. The basis for the latest collection is inspiration from ghosts of people's past and 'The Addams Family'."
Hayley Pearce
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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Masato Backstage

Masato backstage capture by Chris Keller-Jackson of April 11th 2012 

Masato with his gift to the charity "Erin's Gift" 

The detail of the gold leaf dress captured by

Exclusive Masato model Natalie.