Thursday, 29 November 2012

Masato dressing Kelly Knox

Pictures paint a thousand words let's paint. 

We were given a wonderful opportunity to work with Kelly Knox and Models of Diversity for the Ideal Home Exhibition on the 14th and 18th November just received these amazing photographs. It was a pleasure to have support from our friend Richard Fairbrass of Right Said Fred with us and unusual for Masato to see his designs walk down the catwalk and not be backstage  

The above outfit is from Masato's Spring 2013 collection the full collection can be seen here from Liverpool Fashion Week 

Moving onto the big finale piece is Kelly in Masato's most talked about dress the gold leaf dress from the Autumn 2012 collection regarded as Masato's masterpiece using gold leaf with his intricate design Kelly owns the dress in this as she glides down the catwalk with finesse. 

Thanks to James Lyon for the photography, Angel Sinclair head of Models of Diversity, Latimer Couture provided Kelly's jewellery and the amazing Kelly Knox. 

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  1. I love the detail in that dress and your ankle strap sandals are beautiful!

    Hope you had an amazing time!
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