Monday, 21 January 2013

Open Mouse Charity Tshirt

Masato's 3rd Tshirt design is solely for charity commissoned by " The Mental Health Struggle" £30 will help the work of the charity.

Idea behind the design of the mouse, comic mice are cool, light green as it's friendly, open means open you're mind to mental health and be mindful to anyone that is going through a mental illness or episode.

 This design will be printed on white or grey t-shirts made from the best 100% natural, organic, incredibly soft cotton. If you want one then simply check out the rewards section to see how much you need to pledge for your own mousey mental health t-shirt. 

Here it is 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Masato review of 2012 Part 2

Photo Mickey Lake Photography
May 2012 took us to our 2nd Brighton Fashion Week with the above gold leaf dress gaining much press attention, this as now been sold to a client and the original is archived and on tour the dress will soon be appearing in Beijing, China modelled by Kelly Knox. It is the most detailed intricate work from Masato to date and sold for £1000. 

June 2012 brought Masato an idea since a boy he has also drawn a style he has developed the idea of a limited edition Tshirt came about meeting Tshirt printers Pink Sheep who developed the Bunni idea, based on a manic cuddly rabbit mascot we have in the studio. The original drawings are here.

Several colours were chosen, we chose the company colours of dark purple and dark yellow.

The Tshirt now as a fan base with a hall of fame where fans have sents their pictures of themselves.

A further Tshirt collection completely different to Bunni will run through 2013 with a launch of jumpers in Autumn of this year. The next Tshirt release date is February 20th, you will be able to pre-order from end of January.

Thanks to Sarah Jane Correll for publicising the Tshirt all over Europe and Liverpool and Fred Fairbrass from Right Said Fred for appearing on Vintage TV wearing the Bunni.

Photo copyrighted by Sipa Press 

October 19th was the launch of our first ever Spring collection. Masato wanted to in this collection attract a younger audience as well as keeping our 30 to 55 target. 
Photo Mickey Lake Photography 

We chose to launch the collection in Liverpool for two reasons, London is saturated with designers and we had such a welcome in Manchester we felt it was right to do this in another Northern city, it was our biggest show to date at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. 

November brought us a colloboration with Models of Diversity to show pieces from the Autumn and Spring collection at the Ideal Home Exhibition. 

2013 will bring an extension of the Spring collection in Nuremberg, Germany February 28, March 1 and 2nd sponsored by BMW Mini to close each day with our show at Fashion Days, an autumn collection in September or October. This year so we can develop as a brand the collection of Autumn 2013 will be on season instead of being a season ahead. We will also be stocking more online and an open studio in Paddington and Hove for private customers and bespoke dreses. 

2012 as been a fantabolous year so many people to thank Manchester Fashion Week, Helen, Joan and Dan Latimer, Donna Carter, 1880 Bar in Liverpool and especially Kelvin, Models of Diversity, Right Said Fred, Liverpool Fashion Week, Amanda Moss, Brighton Fashion Week, Essex Fashion Week, Gina Negus, Jessica Lambert the models and faces of Masato, James Alexander Lyon, Mickey Lake and the amazing Diesel Punk Studio's, Eve Gregory, Jane Warrington-Smith, Chris Keller-Jackson, Adam & Simon Ryan, Zoe Yates. 

New boutiques and stockists thanks to Boutique 33, Chicboutiqueco, Snapbackboy and our long time stockist Scarecrow Boutique.