Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fashion Museum, Bath

We had a beautiful visit to Bath recently and took a visit to the Fashion Museum, particularly their exhibition "Dressing the Stars" focusing on design is film costume.


Love this piece made by Tom Rand in the 1981 film "The French Lieutenant 
Woman for Meryl Streep. 

Costume designers are the unsung heroes of the movies, less starry than actors and directors yet responsible for creating some iconic scenes: think of Marilyn Monroe in that fluttering white dress or Yul Brynner decked out in oriental finery to play the King of Siam both not in the exhibition.
This exhibition at Bath's Fashion Museum twill unite many award-winning costumes and celebrate the designers who created them, including those featured in The DuchessSense and SensibilityElizabeth andThe French Lieutenant’s Woman

Made by Janty Yates for Joaquin Pheonix in his role as Commodus and won Best design Award in 2000 at the Oscars. 

One of the many dresses on display of the Duchess designed by Michael O'Connor and worn by Kiera Knightley. 
Stills from "The Duchess" 

                      Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret's dresses made by Jenny Beavan for          
                      "The Kings Speech"

My favourite outfit made by Jenny Beavan & John Bright for "Howards End" Merchant Ivory film of 1993 the tailoring is very intricate and amazing close up.

The Fashion Museum is an interesting visit "Dressing the stars" is there until 29th August them hopefully travels the UK.

 In the basement of the museum is a beautiful collection of wedding dresses from the oldest to this amazing piece from Alexander McQueen. 

Pictures taken by Masato Jones 6 August 2011 except where mentioned.