Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fashion Capital Bath


Thursday September 8th 2011 our first launch of Masato out of London in a boutique.

The boutique that chose us is British Designers at Fashion Capital in Milsom Place, Bath run by JoJo Iles an ex model who now runs the elite boutique set up to help designers like me.

"I am proud to be chosen to have my designs in this beautiful city and this beautiful boutique in the fashionable part of Bath. The city is vibrant and i'm honoured to be selected" Masato Jones
Featured in the collection will be the jackets from the Brighton Fashion Week catwalk and made part of the Autumn/Winter collection the influences came from the 1940s/1950s. One of the high street trends is based on the 1940s for Autumn and Winter.

Tim Baker photographer was kind enough to take the shots of the collection at Fashion Capital, 14 Milsom Place in Bath. 

Emma is wearing the dress made especially for Fashion Capital 

Masato in the window of Fashion Capital, Bath
Photo's Mike Jones of MASATO

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Masato doing it his way in the Fashion World (MDS)

 GUEST BLOGGER Chic Fantastique 

On Friday night 2nd September, I was honoured to be invited by Masato and Mike Jones of Masato Fashion Label to a ‘night of fashion’ for the prelude to London and Essex Fashion Week. The venue? Faces Nightclub in the heart of Essex.
Having discovered Masato and his creative genius many months ago through the social power of Twitter, I quickly became a fan of his quirky Tweets, and ultimately his stunning women’s clothing designs. I now own a gorgeous Masato piece which is distinctive in his use of draping and unusual colour. Some days I describe it as powder blue, other days light peppermint.
Flattering necklines, bias-cuts, structured shoulders, and ultimate attention to detail. For Masato it is the design and the fabric and how it drapes and shapes a figure. Classy, 1950′s meets easy-to-wear pieces for 2011/2012.
Having been to a number of catwalk events, store and label launches, I was a little confused about the genre of Friday night’s show. The opening of the show was very ‘Essex’ – think TOWIE on the catwalk, however I appreciated what was before me, and the crowd were very excited to be supporting their friends and family behind the clothing.
Then the mood of the evening quickly changed as Masato design hit the catwalk. Everything went up a notch (or 10) in style and true talent. So enough from me for the moment…let’s take a look at Massato from Friday night’s catwalk…

Structure with this fake wool lined jacket beautifully detailed.

From the rail backstage. 

Stockists are FashionCapital, 14/15 Milsom Place, Bath, BA1 1BZ.
Establishment Boutique, 11 Porchester Place, London, W2 2BU 

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