Monday, 21 January 2013

Open Mouse Charity Tshirt

Masato's 3rd Tshirt design is solely for charity commissoned by " The Mental Health Struggle" £30 will help the work of the charity.

Idea behind the design of the mouse, comic mice are cool, light green as it's friendly, open means open you're mind to mental health and be mindful to anyone that is going through a mental illness or episode.

 This design will be printed on white or grey t-shirts made from the best 100% natural, organic, incredibly soft cotton. If you want one then simply check out the rewards section to see how much you need to pledge for your own mousey mental health t-shirt. 

Here it is 

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  1. The £30 will also get you The Mental Health Struggle book! All profits go to helping those with mental health illnesses and to raise awareness.