Saturday, 20 October 2012

Spring 2013 Masato Collection

For accessories please contact us by email made by Latimer Couture. 

In no particular order Masato's new Spring 2013 collection just received from Chris 
Keller-Jackson of from Liverpool Fashion Week October 19th 2012


  1. I find so neat the proportions of the grey shorts with the sleeveless cardigan all put together as an entire outfit. Also there's a very sutil reminiscense of the kimono on some sleeves or ties in the waist, it just brings out a long and stylish figure. The cocktail dress with an inverted V on the front it is so perfectly fitted that is going to be definitely a women choice to wear this 2013 spring. The floral print turns edgy in the blouse and pair of pants. I appreciate the different structure in that dress with red lines and a dark blue bow. Though I recommend some pictures were selected carefully! @modaensuma

    1. These were the only pictures Anamaria however we hope to do a photo shoot studio & on location soon. Thank you for you comments we really appreciate