Monday, 8 October 2012

Masato at Essex Fashion Week 2012

Masato launched his Perfume collection at Essex Fashion Week on March 26, 2011 gaining interest from Lauren Goodger at that time Essex was setting out their stall as a people's fashion show we like to be diverse show fun as well as serious, we felt this was a good opportunity to go back with the future looking towards Paris.

Photo courtesy of RM magazine 

Jessica Lambert face of Masato and appears on most of our branding

Take a look at the article from RM magazine here. 

If you took any close up pictures please send to us by email 

These taken by ZoeChic online fashion boutique 

Masato cupcakes made by Ollies Cupcakes (Rachel Smith) the best at 
Essex Fashion Week 8 out of 10 reality celebrities preferred them. 

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