Thursday, 8 September 2011

Fashion Capital Bath


Thursday September 8th 2011 our first launch of Masato out of London in a boutique.

The boutique that chose us is British Designers at Fashion Capital in Milsom Place, Bath run by JoJo Iles an ex model who now runs the elite boutique set up to help designers like me.

"I am proud to be chosen to have my designs in this beautiful city and this beautiful boutique in the fashionable part of Bath. The city is vibrant and i'm honoured to be selected" Masato Jones
Featured in the collection will be the jackets from the Brighton Fashion Week catwalk and made part of the Autumn/Winter collection the influences came from the 1940s/1950s. One of the high street trends is based on the 1940s for Autumn and Winter.

Tim Baker photographer was kind enough to take the shots of the collection at Fashion Capital, 14 Milsom Place in Bath. 

Emma is wearing the dress made especially for Fashion Capital 

Masato in the window of Fashion Capital, Bath
Photo's Mike Jones of MASATO


  1. I love that black dress and the way the hemline rises and falls, lovely jacket too x

  2. Very effective stylization of the attractive woman, absorbed in her sewing. Nice flowing purple cloth leading into the distance. Quite different, and somehow the same, as this woman resting from her sewing in a sunny garden, painted by American impressionist artist Frederick Carl Frieseke, The painting can be seen at, and ordered as a canvas print.